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Why A Product Marketer Should Be Your Next CMO

Back in 2021, I started receiving many LinkedIn messages from executive recruiters placing Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or VP of Marketing roles for business-to-business (B2B) SaaS companies. Some of these companies were pre-seed or seed, but the majority fell into

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CMO vs Director of Marketing

So many startups are getting this wrong and it’s costing them a fortune. Startups need the strategic direction of strong C-Suite leaders, but without having a team of people to execute the strategies, the startup isn’t going to gain the

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The New Definition of a CMO

In recent years, business models have shifted to be more customer centric. The success of an organization is often in the hands of its consumers, whose voice is now louder due to technology and the interconnectedness of the world. This

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The Role of a Chief Marketing Officer in 2023

In 2023, the role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is more complex and demanding than ever before. CMOs are responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that align with the overall business goals, while also driving customer growth and

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