Zimbabwe Marks Eminence through its Nano-Satellite Launch for Advancing Agriculture

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On Monday, the sphere of agriculture received a big boost as Zimbabwe disclosed the launch of its first-ever nano-satellite into space. Through this, they will be able to scan disasters, escalate agriculture, and also boost mineral mapping.

This is an immensely thoughtful step taken by Zimbabwe to advance the sphere of agriculture. They made it happen by launching a rocket carrying a meager satellite resembling ZIMSAT-1 flourishingly from Virginia in the United States alongside Uganda’s first satellite as a segment of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) multi-nation project.

A government spokesperson Nick Mangwana penned in one of his tweets “History unfolding. #ZimSat1 now space bound! This is a scientific milestone for the country.”

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) tweeted on Monday that the rocket “will carry experiments about plant mutations and mudflow structure, as well as satellites from Japan, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.”

This big plan started weaving back in the year 2018, that was less than a year after President Emmerson Mnangagwa was present in the office following and regarding the dismissal of the veteran ruler Robert Mugabe through a military coup.

That was when he developed the Zimbabwean National Geospatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA) for furthering research and creation pertaining to the fortified southern African nation.

Right when the satellite was launched, the size of which is as tiny as a shoebox, there was an instant spike of debate prevailing on social media, some of whom acclaiming the government for the victorious work they did for the agriculture front, and some ridiculing the effort as well.

The scorn can be rightfully understood when a user named @patriot263 tweeted “Launching a satellite when the economy is fragile is stupidity. Poverty has for the past 5yrs increased. You can’t buy a car when your family is starving.”

This clearly explains why half of the nation utterly scorned the decision. The money incurred on the satellite has not been divulged.

It was in late September that the International Monetary Fund or IMF forecasted Zimbabwe’s economic development to clump to around half of last year’s levels owing to the escalating financial and fiscal instability and also a sink in the agricultural output.

It is evident that the economy is struggling for about two decades, and it is also pushing the citizens to relocate looking for greener places.

Though, as a matter of fact, the Government criticizes the economic despairs of the Western-inflicted sanctions. But, the critics, on the other hand, find fault in Harare’s mismanagement and iniquity.

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