Transwestern – Commercial Real Estate Company

Every company begins its journey by setting up its office, and it grows by expanding to more locations. Whether searching for optimum areas or following the regulations regarding establishing businesses, enterprises need support from real estate leaders to understand market trends. As a renowned real estate leader, Transwestern empowers clients across commercial real estate with innovative and personalized solutions and services.

The real estate landscape faces various challenges affecting market trends and customer experiences. Factors like volatile and fluctuating market demands, regulatory and legal complexities, difficulties in technology adoption, escalating property costs and taxes, and changing consumer needs make navigating the real estate sector seamlessly challenging. Transwestern follows an integrated and customized approach to combat these issues and generate value and opportunities for clients and organizations.

Understanding niche market sectors and assisting clients in tackling issues relevant to specific industries or their unique business models is an integral part of navigating the real estate sphere. Transwestern offers advisory services that help enterprises counter challenges like government regulations, stiff competition, and technological disruptions that affect the use of physical space.

Whether an organization expands, relocates, consolidates, or grows in the current space, Transwestern’s expert advisors assist them in identifying and comparing incentive opportunities across market sectors, locations, and qualifying requirements to make better, informed, and confident real estate decisions. The company provides solutions to all industries needing real estate services, from healthcare, industrial, and life sciences to non-profit and sports and entertainment sectors.

Additionally, Transwestern understands the importance of land services and resolves land service concerns, from small user tracts to large undeveloped parcels for mixed-use development, by curating tailored, integrated marketing plans essential to accomplish customized results for unique product types. Transwestern also leverages its expertise, networks, connections, and real-time market information to help enterprises acquire, reposition, and disposition single-tenant and net-leased properties hassle-free.

Transwestern equips organizations with the resources and tools to manage and oversee the entire development project, ensuring every project is completed and delivered on time using the allocated budget. With decades of experience in the real estate landscape, Transwestern provides thorough project service packages across different real estate sectors, ensuring each sector receives personalized help compatible with its needs and demands.

Transwestern also believes in preserving value for paramount success. Transwestern’s Receivership Services offers real estate expertise and a full-service real estate platform to provide creative options, innovative solutions, sound market intelligence, and the latest knowledge to its clients. The company also uses its experience to deliver extraordinary retail services by anticipating fluctuating trends and designing creative solutions for retail space owners and occupiers.

Furthermore, Transwestern’s national team possesses the real estate expertise and data center experience to predict, analyze, and understand the role of technology in the property marketplace.

To elevate a high-performance organization and achieve our greatest potential, we must continually ask how we can best support and develop our most important resource: our people.” — Larry P. Heard, CEO.

Transwestern follows a holistic approach to generating value. Whether for a single property or multiple market locations, Transwestern evaluates the workings of each property, from how it fits to how to make it stand out. The company’s branding experts, tour strategists, and workplace solution providers collaborate and examine all the aspects of agency leasing from different perspectives and create a well-formed solution to drive value and increase leasing velocity.

What sets Transwestern apart is its ability to build value through operational expertise, forward-thinking knowledge, and innovative programming measures. Transwestern manages all properties by conducting a thorough quality check-up to ensure they leave lasting impacts. From financial accounting and capital planning to immersive technologies and sustainability ideas, Transwestern provides asset services by creating a personal and cohesive experience for tenants and building owners, whether for a single property or a multi-property portfolio.

Transwestern transforms the real estate space by possessing the expertise and connections to drive the return on investment (ROI). The company combines its market knowledge, access to global capital sources, and highly effective execution abilities to convert properties into opportunities. Its advisors collaborate on disposition techniques and financial strategies to generate value for private investors, property owners, and corporations.

With its investment services, Transwestern ensures high-quality solutions and ROI for its clients. Transwestern’s global relationships and resources continually expand and follow an ownership approach to make the real estate sector people-driven and client-focused. The real estate leader also has a structured finance team to give clients access to capital by facilitating transactions through capital connections.

Founded in 1978, Transwestern’s decades of knowledge and experience have made it an expert in consulting services. The company empowers single and multi-market clients with strategic planning, portfolio optimization, transaction execution, and workplace strategy, keeping in mind their respective business models and objectives.

With an integrated collaborative network of all Transwestern professionals, the company uses the best-in-class technology to create opportunities and spread awareness regarding company values, work styles, talent search and recruitment, talent retention, and growth of the real estate sector. Transwestern gauges organizational impact by analyzing locations and financial strategies, workforce demographics, physical space modification, and custom modeling to offer flexible solutions, allowing tenants to make confident decisions in the uncertain real estate environment.

Transwestern has also assisted its clients by offering tenant advisory and workplace solutions. Using its vast resources and expertise, Transwestern interprets research and data on the national market. It uses the results to understand market trends and create long-lasting, impactful, customizable solutions that boost efficiency, enhance workplace culture, and help enterprises accomplish business goals.

Spanning 33 offices, Transwestern has a dynamic portfolio of helping companies navigate the real estate landscape. One of Transwestern’s clients, a multinational pharmaceutical company, successfully negotiated a 62,000-square-foot lease with Transwestern’s assistance and solutions. The pharmaceutical company was able to establish a significant presence in one of the premier life sciences innovation hubs globally, allowing it to double down on its research and development footprint. Transwestern helped the company revamp the lab and office space to accelerate innovation and create a valuable space for patients.