Global Touch – The power of partners

Scaling revenue for any business can be challenging. Some do it well, while many struggle. Establishing a global partner network and ecosystem that delivers 80% to 90% of revenue is a unique specialization that few consultants master. Global Touch, Inc. is one of these organizations, and through its innovative approach based on decades of global field experience, it knows how to turn partner engagements into predictable, sustainable revenues.

With its partner-focused strategy, Global Touch prides itself on breakthrough innovation, which is rooted in the company’s fundamental “step-ahead” ethos. Global Touch assists clients in pushing their limits and ensures that they are ready for the consumption era. With this, they can accomplish their most ambitious goals while delivering profitable partnerships.

When it comes to adopting transformational thinking and technologies, Global Touch takes a data-driven approach. It accomplishes this by providing cutting-edge consumption-era services that enable customers to grow and partners to succeed at every lifecycle touchpoint. It also offers 360-degree synchronization between IT organizations, consumers, and partners in the areas of alignment, acceleration, and predictability.

Global Touch acknowledges that every project it embarks on is tailored to each client, and each one requires a fresh approach with unique innovation. It excels in working from the perspective of the clients’ partners and customers to deliver business outcomes. Its market knowledge is unrivalled with over 30+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Regarding all of its customers as long-term partners, Global Touch collaborates with some of the world’s most successful organizations. It also assists clients in future-proofing their partner ecosystem strategies, investments, and objectives so that they can remain ahead of emerging and future competitive challenges.

For clients’ executive teams, the dearth of predictable and consistent partner revenue is the most frustrating problem. By establishing a next generation foundation for virtually every channel investment, Global Touch believes the primary goal is to balance the need to deliver revenue for IT companies, while achieving healthy profit for partners.

Global Touch complements its field experience through its focus on data and data storytelling, and it knows how to extract the proper information, combine it with compelling, unforgettable narratives, and empower clients to comprehend and act on it. Its Partner Profitability Calculator™ is the first of its kind in the IT industry. The calculator gives IT firms a view of their partner programs and investment profitability effect. The results also show how they “stack up” with further insights delivered in Global Touch’s white paper, “Unleash Your Partner Ecosystem Success,” adapted to individual IT company’s profitability success rating.

Global Touch assists companies in refining programs to achieve planned and opportunistic success. Most clients prefer Global Touch because it has extensive experience in forming transformative partnerships that result in predictable partner revenue, growth, and profit across the continuous customers’ life cycle journey.

“We have three decades of a successful track record built upon working closely with our clients to help them balance scaling revenue through a productive global partner ecosystem, while helping their partners realize strong profit earnings around products and services.  We do this by leveraging our deep global field experience and operating in a data-centric culture wrapped in data storytelling, plus sharing our knowledge of how to support partners with the portfolio, programs, and benefits needed to future proof outcomes that customers need and want,” says Denise Sangster, Founder of Global Touch, Inc.

Denise Sangster has been advising some of the world’s most innovative technology companies for over 25 years, assisting and inspiring them to build cutting-edge disruption through next-generation partner ecosystems that generate predictable and sustainable revenue, growth, and profitability, aligned with required customer business outcomes.

Global Touch’s knowledge is based on its extensive worldwide field experience, extensive global networks, and data-driven culture. It understands its partners and consumers and has seen first-hand what works and why; something you can only gain over years of first-hand experience.

Global Touch understands the value of partners. Working with some of the largest names in the IT industry, Global Touch has proven itself to be the ideal consulting group for scaling solutions, generating predictable income through world-class partners, or developing a new partner profit journey.

“The job of an IT company is to support partners with a product portfolio, programs, and benefits needed to deliver the outcomes business customers need and want to be successful today and into the future.” – Denise Sangster, President & CEO