Future-proofing warehouse space with environmental technology

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A disruptive period has proven challenging for many and that’s no different for retailers and their backroom staff. During the 2020 pandemic, we’ve seen shift in purchasing behaviour and consumer demand, which has ultimately obstructed the retail market as we know it. To deal with this mounting pressure, we’ve highlighted how decision makers can future-proof warehouse space with sustainable environmental technology that meets the flexibility needs of an unstable market.

No one could have predicted the events of 2020 and beyond. Economically speaking, the Covid-19 pandemic has in some respect turned the world on its head, bringing with it numerous national lockdowns and a radical change in purchasing behaviour and consumer demand.

‘Panic buying’ was new terminology introduced in 2020. This has intensified the pressure on retailers for a few key products and despite furlough across the nation, UK customers have kept spending- albeit in different ways.

With that in mind, retailers must look towards more sustainable options should they wish to manage the rise in peak times. So, how can decision makers better equip themselves to overcome future fulfilment and distribution challenges that have already left so many with minimal warehouse space?

For many logistics businesses, their current processes simply aren’t sustainable if these trends continue – which they undoubtedly will. The heavy increase in demand has left warehouses and distribution centres sprawling to process and package orders in increasingly smaller spaces and windows of time. Today’s environmental technology is developed with these challenges in mind and can provide various benefits that are tailored to the particular needs of a warehouse.

With the real peak of e-commerce seemingly yet to come, the use of material handling equipment will ultimately increase. Investment in gas or diesel forklift trucks may be able to handle productivity needs but can your company handle the fuel price increases, surging emissions and poor indoor air quality? Development in sustainable material handling equipment is one of the first industries to offer affordable Lithium power that benefits the triple bottom line – people, profits & the profit. It is no longer a choice between improved carbon footprint or better profit margin because this environmentally conscious decision for your business is a smart economic one too.

Forktruck Solutions have pioneered a change in the material handling industry. We have a comprehensive range of lithium powered forklift trucks and material equipment designed to withstand changing customer demand. Our charging systems where created based on the premise of ‘flexibility’ enhancing productivity and efficiency despite the working hours required. Supporting opportunity charging and equipped with a super-fast charger, you can be confident that your warehouse can meet unforeseen peak – sustainably.

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