Domino’s Pizza to Launch EV Fleet to Oversee the Delivery Shortage Issue

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Pizza is certainly one of the most filling foods, and when it comes to pizza, one of the most anticipated names is Domino’s, with its widespread availability across the world. But, when it comes to the demand for pizzas, especially Domino’s, the US residents win it. This excess demand has led to a shortage in supplies across the industry caused by a labor shortage. Domino’s Pizza Inc. DPZ -.0..4% decides to welcome electric vehicles to redress this issue for some of the US stores.

Domino’s, the world’s biggest pizza chain in terms of stores and sales has declared that they will be improvising their supply by putting forward 800 Domino’s Chevrolet Bolts for 37 of their sole stores and hundreds of additional functions by the U.S. franchisees. The company has further stated that it will initiate the work of deploying branded vehicles and is anticipating more vehicles from General Motors Co. Domino’s CEO, Russe Weiner has stated in this regard in an interview, “We have a long way to go, but we will have the largest fleet of electric vehicles in a pizzeria.”

The store owners are instructed to permit the employees to deliver pizzas by driving alongside with boosting recruitment of new drivers, and some of them don’t own vehicles for delivery purposes as well. Mr. Weiner added to the fact that having electric vehicles will assist the organization draw drivers who either have additional job opportunities or lack bikes. Furthermore, electric cars will indeed aid in the organization’s sustainable goals since carbon dioxide emissions are restrained.

This introduction can undoubtedly be considered an expansive change for certain American organizations. Amazon has also stated its plan to deploy a fleet of EVs, FedEx Corp. has begun functioning electric vans and Tesla Inc. has stated its decision of welcoming its fresh electric semi-trailer to PepsiCo Inc. in the upcoming week. In fact, the biggie in the transport industry, Uber Technologies Inc. which has been scuffling with a lack of its own driver is inclining towards electric cars.

It is not only Domino’s that has been facing this issue, fellow competitors like Pizza Hut and Papa John’s International Inc. have also been undergoing the adversity of hiring and retaining adequate delivery drivers. The major problem was caused by restaurants and additional food apps arranging their own delivery services. The pandemic has made many drivers work gigs due to the rise in deliveries and the guarantee of adaptable schedules.

Domino’s has opted for the Chevy Bolt owing to its total price of ownership and additional factors. A car rental division of Enterprsie Holdings Inc. would guide in car procurement and also offer upkeep for franchisees that includes installation of on-site chargers. Electric vehicles are a great way Domino’s can save money over a longer period. In fact, Domino’s has previously as well invested in experimental activities, one of which includes autonomous vehicle tests with Ford Motor Co. in 2017. That test is still processing, but certain customers don’t want their pizzas to be picked by a robot.

All in all, Domino’s will try in every way possible to advance its driver positions which is inclusive of offering easygoing shifts.

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