Colliers – Leading diversified professional services & investment management company

Real estate investment is a stepping stone for enterprises to establish businesses, grow, and expand. Landlords, owners, investors, tenants, and occupiers rely on the real estate sector for success and operational excellence. As a leading real estate company, Colliers transforms the real estate landscape by offering solutions, expert advice, and services to occupiers, owners, and investors, helping them grow and adapt.

Colliers empowers its clients by assisting them in making the most out of commercial real estate and accelerating their success. The company offers occupier services to maximize the potential and power of space wherever enterprises do business. In a customer-centric industry, Colliers puts its clients first and uses technology like Colliers360 Technology, Colliers Mobility Pass, Lease Compass, and Workplace Calculator to design solutions that meet their unique needs and create an unparalleled experience curated to their goals, whether the project is a single-site project or a complex multi-site portfolio.

Property acquisition, ownership, and disposition are the cornerstones of creating a remarkable financial portfolio. Colliers’ services go beyond bare brick-and-mortar analysis and venture into capital markets and investments to leverage real estate assets to their full potential. With its end-to-end acquisition and disposition services, Colliers builds relationships with real estate stakeholders and uses in-depth knowledge and market expertise to maximize profits.

Colliers also closely follows and monitors trends and opportunities to build a thorough real estate portfolio and manage every facet with deep expertise and market intelligence to generate exponential results and deliver innovative property solutions. The company also has extensive experience designing full-proof strategies to maximize the value of real estate portfolios. It also assists clients in meeting their bespoke funding requirements with complex maturities and repayment plans, and equity placements to raise capital.

In addition to acquisition and disposition services, Colliers’ capital markets team creates tailored solutions for debt and equity placements and data centers-specific asset sales and purchases.

“Colliers offers intricate and collaborative services to drive phenomenal value to clients and investors worldwide and maximize the potential of real estate assets to develop and empower industry leaders.” — Lyle Landowski, President and CEO

Colliers’ valuation and advisory services assist in professional property development by offering investment advice and solutions catered to unique real estate and business needs. The company’s valuation experts analyze the market dynamics and real-time data to impart accurate valuation advice, enabling clients to make confident business decisions related to property appraisals, risk mitigation, and financial reporting.

With its team of project management experts, Colliers provides design and construction, project budgeting, mitigating risks, and international health and safety standards guidance and solutions. The company has a diverse portfolio of project management services, including design management, cost planning, procurement management, closeout and handover, construction project management, and schedule management.

The Toronto, Ontario-located company has an in-house design studio that offers master planning, architecture, and interior design services to oversee overall project development across various domains, from residential and commercial to industrial, healthcare, and data centers.

Colliers’ host of industrial and logistics services equips investors, developers, and occupiers with specialized advice on all real estate sectors and aspects. The company helps enterprises across industries remodel their business strategies according to fluctuating market trends and adopt smarter business techniques that create higher value, use sustainable solutions, optimize costs, and maximize profits.

As a leading real estate company, Colliers’ management services enable companies to manage their portfolios, properties, facilities, and financial operations to elevate real estate gains. The company’s real estate advisors help clients handle property needs in a way that drives operational efficiency, eliminates risks, and uses market-leading solutions to stay in the loop with continually changing market demands.

Colliers extends its services to enterprises worldwide. The company empowered an investment management firm to manage high-end logistics assets in Beijing by providing its global client platform and precise resource integration capabilities. As a result, Colliers facilitated a transaction between its client and a renowned logistics property operator for a major logistics project in Beijing.