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People save large amounts of data on their computers and a lot of this data is sensitive, such as passwords or financial information. Malicious hackers can create a variety of issues, such as disclosing sensitive information, stealing funds via passwords, or altering data in a way that benefits them. Organizations require cyber security to protect their intellectual property, while individuals require it to safeguard sensitive personal data.

Cloudflare is a service that accomplishes both. It’s a worldwide network designed specifically for cloud computing, with the goal of keeping everything on the cloud private and safe.

It serves as the basis for a company’s infrastructure, applications, and employees. External resources like websites, APIs, and apps, as well as internal resources including behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices, are all secured and reliable, with the help of Cloudflare

Founded in 2004, Matthew Prince and Lee Holloway set out to answer one simple question; “Where does email spam come from?” They went on to create Project Honey Pot, a system that allowed any website owner to trace the email addresses of spammers. Project Honey Pot users who watched online criminal behavior on their websites over the years had asked the creators one thing: now that the bad people have been identified, how can we stop them?

And thus, in 2009, Cloudflare was born.

With the help of Cloudflare, millions have been able to protect their Internet presence. As more and more people have shifted online, Cloudflare has been ensuring that its resources are safe and dependable in a business imperative. “Cloudflare for Infrastructure” is a comprehensive solution for enabling this for any Internet-connected device.

Cloudflare poses data security, performance, and reliability as its top priority

One can only imagine what they can accomplish if everything on the cloud was secure, fast, and completely reliable. People could function online without fear of being attacked, and workers could work from wherever knowing that their information was safe and secure. Any company would have a competitive advantage in such a situation.

This is made possible by Cloudflare. Its worldwide network safeguards and even speeds up everything connected to the Internet. No matter where they are, corporate networks and distributed workforces are safer and quicker with it. It is the world’s largest connected cloud network, with connections in hundreds of locations all over the globe.

Not only does the Cloudflare network block attacks, but it also accelerates the website traffic, and even hosts the server’s code. Cloudflare guarantees there to be no trade-off between security and speed.

Cloudflare aids in the speed, availability, and scalability of applications. Its comprehensive application security portfolio combines the best-in-class, unmetered DDOS protection with a Web Application Firewall that blocks even the most advanced cyber-attacks.

Cloudflare eliminates an average of 70 billion cyber threats each day, all without the need for any software or hardware.

By just directing their DNS to Cloudflare, one may protect and speed their websites in minutes with Cloudflare’s services. This activates performance and security features like DDOS protection, bot management, site analytics, image optimization, and SSL, among others. Users can protect and supercharge their apps in minutes.

Such web application experiences do not come at the expense of security or performance.

Organizations can protect their employees on the Internet by installing a device application that can turn on Zero Trust services. Cloudflare’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Cloudflare One, is a Zero Trust network-as-a-service platform that dynamically connects its users to enterprise resources, with the help of identity-based security controls delivered close to users, no matter where they are

Trusted by millions of Internet properties, Cloudflare is the go-to for many consumers and companies because of its straightforward deployment and administration capabilities. Every Cloudflare One service is available in all of Cloudflare’s hundreds of cities, and as customers move to a SASE model, there is no need for them to manually integrate various point products.

Cloudflare delivers consistent security and performance everywhere, and every Cloudflare data center offers single-pass traffic inspection and routing, ensuring that users all over the world are protected at the same level without sacrificing speed due to latency.

It connects to whatever a company currently uses and supports the identity, endpoint, and cloud providers that are already configured in the online system. Cloudflare is delighted to be the operator of one of the most powerful peer-to-peer networks in the world.

Individual customers’ data and application activity can be tracked by their Internet service providers, even if they are encrypted. In reality, some ISPs sell this information to third parties or use it to target advertisements to their customers. What makes Cloudflare’s with WARP so appealing is that it is a free tool that allows users to make their Internet browsing safer, quicker, and more private. It protects personal data from prying eyes by encrypting the traffic that leaves their device.

Cloudflare considers privacy to be a basic human right and therefore vows to never sell anyone’s information.

Organizations working in the arts, human rights, civil society, media, or related to democracy can also apply for Project Galileo to receive Cloudflare’s free cyber security protection.

 “We work hard to make the Internet better even when there’s no clear economic benefit to us, or even when it’s against our economic benefit. We don’t monetize user data because it seems clear to us that a better Internet is a more private Internet. We enabled encryption for everyone even though, when we did it, it was the biggest differentiator between our free and paid plans and the number one reason people upgraded. But clearly a better Internet was an encrypted Internet, and it seemed silly that someone should have to pay extra for a little bit of math.” says Matthew Prince, CEO.

It’s as simple as writing a code and letting Cloudflare handle the rest. Anyone seeking to grant their company a competitive advantage should explore Cloudflare.

Cloudflare anticipates helping to build a better Internet by addressing one security concern at a time.