Cloud storage is our specialty, Nice to meet you

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NetApp’s greatest hits

We may be known for our system boxes, but in fact, we’ve been a software company since 1992, when we released the world’s first storage operating system: NetApp® Data ONTAP®.

Since then, we’ve had more hits than the Beatles. Have you heard of Snapshot™ copies? That was NetApp. Love WAFL®? Also us. Disk-based backup? You’re welcome. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Sorry, not ours. But we did invent NetApp FlexClone®, changing the economics of virtualization forever.

As our competitors work to catch up to the capabilities of NetApp ONTAP®, we’ve been out here working on a new vision for data management. A little thing we like to call the data fabric.

We pioneered the idea of a data fabric way before it was cool. These days, it seems like everyone’s trying to build a data fabric. But only NetApp truly simplifies and integrates data and data services across on-premises data centers and public clouds. Private cloud? You know we love it. Public cloud? Also our thing. Hybrid cloud? We mean it: no compromises.

Move forward 28 years and NetApp’s Storage Software still runs on any Hardware, including our own, enabling us to run on Storage Software IN THE PUBLIC CLOUD on Public Cloud white-label storage or even on our competitors’ hardware in customer datacentres enabling them to accelerate their Journey to the Public Cloud.

NetApp rebranded yesterday. But it wasn’t just about changing our logo from Blue to Black. It turns out that the DNA in our Storage Software means we are the only people who make all that innovation available to you in your data centers and in the world’s biggest clouds.

In a world full of generalists, NetApp is a specialist. We are relentlessly focused on helping you get more out of cloud than you ever thought possible. Whether on premises, in the cloud or anywhere in between, no one integrates, secures and connects your storage like NetApp does.

You may have already seen the re-brand video, as it was posted by dozens of my colleagues, but if you click on the link below you can click on Watch the Video. It’s the sort of video you would have expected to see Apple make.

This enables us to provide Agility and Choice for customers to run their workloads anywhere they like across Hybrid MultiCloud without needing to convert data or implement complex transformation.

We are specialists in Cloud Storage and together with our Service Provider and Global Systems Integrator Partners we can help companies deliver Cloud Optimization


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