Avison Young – International Commercial Real Estate Company

The role of real estate in creating healthy and productive workplaces for employees is undeniable. The real estate market can transform operations for property owners, occupiers, and investors when equipped with proper tools and assistance. As a real estate leader, Avison Young is on a mission to empower its clients by offering global insights, market expertise, technological prowess, and innovative solutions to revamp the commercial real estate environment.

In the current business landscape, real estate guides companies’ business goals and models. However, given the ever-changing state of the market, making real estate decisions and transactions is becoming increasingly challenging. Avison Young provides occupier services and solutions to identify the best real estate strategies and implement them to help its clients navigate complex market trends, expand globally, make sound financial decisions, and enhance their logistics, brand, and culture dynamics.

Real estate holdings reflect a significant portion of an enterprise’s total assets. Avison Young equips companies with consulting services to assist them in understanding and shaping their corporate real estate objectives. The company’s advisory team identifies and analyzes improvement opportunities and uses market insights to economically and strategically create short- and long-term action plans.

Avison Young’s host of occupier services also includes facility management to ensure employees work in sanitary, safe, and comfortable environments, boosting productivity, driving performance, and meeting all real estate financial and operational objectives. From reducing costs to incorporating better processes, Avison Young upgrades organizational functions to manage upfront costs and uplift employee satisfaction simultaneously.

Lease administration requirements lie at the forefront of Avison Young’s priorities, and the company ensures property owners worldwide can navigate unique and complex portfolio management requirements. The company offers lease administration services according to industry practices and trends to deliver world-class lease administration software, technologies, solutions, and quality control-based processes.

“For those with vision and the confidence to back themselves, we are approaching the point where peak uncertainty will transition into peak opportunity.” — Mark E. Rose, Chair and CEO.

Whether a single real estate asset or multiple, balancing projects can be complex without the right expertise, resources, and support. Avison Young combats these challenges with its project management services to ensure deadlines and budgetary concerns don’t disrupt businesses. Regardless of the project size, Avison Young enables clients to define their goals according to their individual needs, from the vision to the final product. The company’s networks and connections allow it to assemble a robust team of compatible vendors and consultants to facilitate communication and information flow, paving the way for seamless planning and execution processes.

Finding the right space for commercial businesses is vital to ensure growth and gains—Avison Young understands this. The company’s commercial real estate tenant representation services evaluate market factors to find suitable locations and sites that align with brand values and image to ensure employee attraction and retention, workplace productivity, and access to labor and supply.

Avison Young also provides transaction management services that allow clients to make strategic decisions by leveraging the company’s extensive market expertise, remarkable brokerage capabilities, consulting services, and project management resources. Avison Young’s transaction management solutions span various real estate sectors, offering corporate users portfolio-wide strategies to maximize profits and deliver optimum results.

In addition to occupier services, Avison Young also provides investor services that allow investors to make strategic real estate decisions, whether purchasing or selling properties. With its real-time global capital knowledge, market insights, financial acumen, and industry-wide relationships, Avison Young is fundamental in helping investors secure lucrative opportunities and increase value and returns. The company’s investor services portfolio includes investment and asset management solutions, investment sales, landlord representation, valuation and advisory services, property and project management, and mortgage services.

Located in Ontario, Avison Young has guided organizations globally in making confident real estate decisions and enhancing their operations. The company assisted a global investment management firm through occupancy planning and design stages. Avison Young’s project management services helped the client develop and update the project budget and schedule, project leadership, design and construction oversight, furniture, fixtures, equipment procurement, and close-out management.