Accelerating IoT Innovation: Qt Group and Qualcomm Technologies Collaboration

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Qt Group and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have joined forces to simplify the creation of sophisticated graphical user interfaces (GUI) and enhance software quality assurance for industrial IoT devices.

Leveraging Qt’s versatile cross-platform development tools alongside Qualcomm Technologies’ resources, IoT manufacturers stand to notably expedite their devices’ time-to-market.

Being among the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, Qualcomm Technologies has a rich history of supplying processors for various industries like smartphones, automobiles, extended reality, and IoT.

By integrating Qt Group’s platform into Qualcomm Technologies’ software, the process of developing and testing UI solutions with their advanced processors is greatly simplified for software vendors.

Additionally, it significantly enhances the efficiency and rapidity with which hardware vendors can develop Systems on Modules (SoM) at scale. These SoMs are miniature computer systems equipped with pre-assembled components, facilitating the creation of embedded electronic devices, ranging from robots to security cameras.

Alongside these UI functionalities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) utilizing Qualcomm Technologies’ processors compatible with Qt can benefit from Qt Group’s intuitive and user-friendly software development and quality assurance tools. This integration substantially reduces production hurdles for manufacturers.

Roger Mazzella, Senior Product Manager at Qt Group, highlights the paramount importance of user experience in today’s tech landscape. He notes the extensive collaboration between Qt Group and Qualcomm Technologies in the automotive sector and expresses excitement about extending these benefits to the IoT market.

Mazzella emphasizes Qualcomm Technologies’ suitability for the IoT market, leveraging their high-powered processors to handle data-heavy communication and deliver the swift performance expected by developers and end users.

Juhapekka Niemi, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Qt Group, highlights the advantage of Qt’s technologies, which have a proven track record across 70 industries. He explains that Qt Group will provide hardware and software vendors for IoT with ready-to-use UI/UX development and quality assurance tools. This eliminates the need for vendors to perform integrations themselves, significantly reducing the time required to launch their products.

Utilizing Qt’s development tools and framework, IoT manufacturers can incorporate advanced 3D graphics capabilities into their device UIs, but with a more efficient approach. Unlike other frameworks, such as game engines, which include features not essential for IoT GUIs, Qt’s framework is tailored to the specific needs of IoT devices. As a result, developers can create and operate UIs with substantially lower hardware requirements.

Manvinder Singh, Vice President of Strategy and Partner Solutions Development of IoT at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., asserts the company’s commitment to fostering an industry ecosystem that enables manufacturers to develop exceptional hardware and software solutions for vertical markets using Qualcomm’s chipsets. This collaboration provides developers with a pre-existing solution to build their innovative solutions upon.

Qt Group’s toolset for product design, development, and quality assurance is geared towards enhancing synergy between developers and designers. By facilitating simultaneous work within a unified framework, these tools streamline workflows. They are particularly well-suited for cross-platform development, especially on low-powered and embedded devices.

Qt Group stands as a prominent global software entity, earning the trust of industry leaders and a vast community of over 1.5 million developers worldwide. The focus lies in facilitating the creation of applications and smart devices cherished by users. The group aids its clientele in boosting productivity throughout the entirety of the product development lifecycle, spanning UI design, software development, quality management, and deployment.

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